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Policies and Bylaws of the Britton Public Library


Under State Statue 14-2-35 the Library Board of Trustees is the policy-making body of the Britton Public Library.  Where the policies of the Board and the city of Britton conflict, the Board policies shall have precedence.  City Policies shall be in effect where no Board policies exist, subject to the decisions of the Board.  The Library Director is charged with enforcing and interpreting these policies, as well as all applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.

I.      Mission and Goal Statements

A.     The mission of the Britton Public Library is to provide quality materials and services which fulfill educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community in an atmosphere that is welcoming, respectful, and businesslike.

B.     The general library goals of the Britton Public Library shall be:

1.      To serve all residents of the community and the surrounding region.

2.      To acquire and make available to all residents of the above area such books, periodicals, pamphlets, and other services as will address their needs to

a)     become well informed,

b)     locate answers to important questions,

c)      cultivate the imagination and creative expression,

d)     develop skills for career and vocational advancement, and

e)     enjoy leisure by means of reading and other media services.

3.      To acquire the means to provide the most frequently requested material locally and upon demand.

4.      To maintain a program of service which locates information, guides reading, organizes and interprets material for people of various backgrounds, and stimulates thinking and intellectual development in individuals of any age.

5.      To strive consistently to discover new methods and improvements for better service for the library's customers.

6.      To review regularly these goals of the Britton Public Library and, if necessary, revise them in the light of new developments.

II.    Who May Use the Library

A.     The library will serve all residents of the community and the public library system area. Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status; or because of mental, emotional, or physical condition; age; or sexual orientation.

B.     The use of the library may be denied for due cause. Such cause may be failure to return library materials or to pay penalties, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other illegal, disruptive, or objectionable conduct on library premises.

III.     Hours of Operation

A.     Daily Hours

1.      The hours of the Britton Public Library shall be Monday –Friday 9:00am -6:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am - 2:00pm

B.     Holiday Closings

1.      The Britton Public Library will be closed on those days officially designated for the observance of holidays by the City of Britton. 

IV.Patron Responsibilities and Conduct

A.     Patron Responsibility

1.      It is a patron's responsibility to maintain necessary and proper standards of behavior in order to protect his/her individual rights and the rights and privileges of other patrons. If a patron creates a public nuisance, that patron may be restricted from the Library and from the use of the library facilities. Those who are unwilling to leave or do not leave within a reasonable amount of time, after being instructed to do so by the staff, will be subject to the law.

B.     Patron Conduct

1.      Cell phones are to be turned off or to silent mode while in the library.  If a patron should take a call they will put it on hold and move to the entryway to finish the conversation.  No one should initiate a call while in the library.

2.      Food is permitted only in the meeting room and lounge area.

3.      Please keep all drinks in covered containers.  There are to be no drinks near computers.

C.    Safe Child Policy

1.      The Library welcomes your children to our library. In order to make the library a safe and pleasant environment for your children and others, the following rules have been established.

2.      Children under the age of eight are not permitted without a parent/caretaker. Parents/caretakers are responsible for their children when they are in the library.

3.      A parent/caretaker must remain in the building while children under age eight are attending special story times.

4.      Children between the ages of eight and fifteen may use the library in an appropriate manner without parental/caretaker supervision.

5.      A child whose behavior is disruptive (loudness, running, rudeness to others) may be asked to leave the library after receiving one warning. More significant or repeated disruptive behavior may result in limited library access.

6.      The Britton Public Library and staff are not responsible for the welfare of the children who are left unattended in the library.

7.      Please arrange to pick up our children before the library closes. Library hours are posted on the front door.

8.      Your cooperation in making the library a positive experience for your children is much appreciated.

D.    Disruptive children:

1.      Children of all ages are encouraged to use the library for homework, recreational reading, and program attendance. The library staff realizes that the library will be noisier at busy times and that children by nature can cause more commotion. However, children (whether with parents or not) who are being continually disruptive will be given a warning that he/she must settle down or will be asked to leave the library. If after a second warning the child continues to be disruptive, he/she will be asked to leave the library. If the child needs to contact a parent, they may do so and then wait with a staff person until the parent arrives.

E.     Adopted by the Britton Library Board 7-14-14

V.  Services of the Library

A.     The library provides materials and resources for information, entertainment, intellectual development, and enrichment of the people of the community.

B.     The library should endeavor to:

1.      Lend to other libraries upon request.

2.      Develop and provide services to patrons with special needs.

3.      Maintain a balance in its services to various age groups.

4.      Cooperate with, but not perform the functions of, school or other institutional libraries.

5.      Provide service during hours which best meet the needs of the community, including evening and weekend hours.

6.      Regularly review library services being offered.

7.      Use media and other public relations mechanisms to promote the full range of available library services.

VI             Volunteers and Friends

A.     The Library Board encourages individuals and groups to volunteer their time and efforts in the service of the Britton Public Library. In appreciation of volunteer services, the Library acknowledges the need to organize volunteer activities and provide for appropriate recognition befitting the benefit to the library and the communities it serves.

B.     A library friends group is a formal association of people who unite to plan and execute, in conjunction with library goals and the needs of the library director, programs and events to benefit the library. In particular, a friends group is often heavily involved in fund-raising for the library and often oversees periodic booksales. Friends groups always serve at the pleasure of the library board which is the only body with legal authority to set policy for the development of the library.

VII.  Circulation

A.     Quantity and Length of time

1.      A combination of 5 books or magazines plus either 2 videos or audios may be checked out to any one person at a time.

2.      Books may be checked out for 2 weeks.

3.      Audios may be checked out for 2 weeks.

4.      Magazines may be checked out for one week.

5.      Videos may be checked out for three days.

B.     Renewals

1.      There will be no automatic renewals; you may call or stop in and renew them.

2.      There will be a maximum of 2 renewals.

3.      No items will be checked out if there is a fine pending.

4.      No renewals for items on reserve list.

C.    Reserved Items

1.      There will be a 3 day limit waiting list for reserved items once you are notified, unless prior arrangements are made.

D.    Overdue books

1.      Fines are .25 per day per item and will begin to accumulate the day they are due.

2.      Librarian will follow these guidelines to recover books and fines.

a)     1 week overdue   -    phone call

b)     2 weeks overdue  -    send postcard

If the book needs to be replaced, patron will be charged a $10 replacement fee. Failure to pay may result in the loss of privileges.

E.     Effective December 9, 2019 by order of the Britton Public Library Board


VIII.            Equipment Use Policy

A.     Handicap Accessible Desk Policy 

1.      This computer is primarily for use by patrons in wheelchairs only. 

2.      If all other computers are in use it may be used by other patrons by permission of the librarian. However, if a patron needing this desk requests it prior to the other patrons time limit they must relinquish it.  (The other patron may then wait to finish their time on another computer.)

B.     Effective February 3, 2005 by order of the Britton Public Library Board

IX.           Meeting Room Policy
          Reservations for the meeting room can be made by phone or in person up to three months in advance. A calendar of back room events is maintained at the circulation desk.
          A. If a meeting is scheduled outside of regular hours, the key must be picked up and signed out prior to the meeting.
          B. Upon locking up after the meeting, the key should be left in the drop box outside the library.
          C. If the key is lost, there will be a $50 fee
          D. If there are any issues with the room or opening/locking the building, please contact the library director.
          E. Make sure all appliances and lights are off and that there is no running water.
          F. The room should be clean and in order.
          G. If there is a problem with the condition of the room, advise the library director prior to using the room. (This includes visible damage, items missing or left and dirty.)
          H. If any damage occurs during your function, contact the Library Director as soon as possible to prevent further damage and added liability to the group involved. All payments for 
           actual damages resulting from negligence shall be paid to the city of Britton.
          I. While there is no fee to rent the room, any damage or uncleanliness may result in a charge to the person/group utilizing the room. Charges will be at the discretion of the library board.
          J. There is no children's meeting without adult supervision.
          K. There shall be no roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, bicycles or shoes with cleats, etc. in the room. No smoking, no burning, no cooling and no alcohol or drugs.
Revisions adopted by the Britton Public Library Board 2-10-20

X.         Displays and Exhibits Policy

A.     As an educational and cultural institution, the Britton Public Library welcomes exhibits and displays of interest, information and enlightenment to the community. Displays of handiwork, historical material, nature study, or any other material deemed of general interest may be exhibited. The director shall accept or reject material offered for display based on its suitability and availability.

B.     The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection, and no liability for possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the Library are there at the owner's risk.
Areas available to the public for displays and exhibits are the meeting room and the general bulletin board. A release must be signed by the exhibitor before any artifact can be placed in the library.

C.    Adopted February 3, 2006 by the Britton Library Board

XI.           Public Notice Bulletin Board Policy

Bulletin board materials may be posted by individuals or groups publicizing a specific event. Limited space generally allows only short-term notices. The director may prohibit and remove any postings which do not meet library standards. Posters should be removed the day following the date of the publicized event.

C.    Adopted February 10, 2020 by the Britton Library Board

XII.         Disasters Policy

A.     Fire

1.      Do not panic, but do not under-estimate the potential danger to customers or staff represented by a fire. At the first indication of smoke or flame, clear the building, and then investigate the situation to determine location and extent of the fire. If the fire can obviously be contained and extinguished quickly and safely by staff, proceed to do so. However, if there is any doubt about whether the fire can be controlled, immediately call 911 or the fire department.

B.     Health emergencies

1.      Staff members should exercise caution when administering first aid of even a minor nature because of the safety of the injured individual and the potential liability of the staff member. Without specialized training it is not advisable for staff to undertake more than keeping the sick or injured patron comfortable and protected from needless disturbance until medical help can be obtained. Since each case is unique, staff members should use their own judgment to do what is prudent and reasonable.

2.      The Rescue Squad/Police (911 if available) should be called immediately in the event of any serious problem.
No medication, including aspirin, should ever be dispensed to the public.

C.    Snow storms

1.      The library may close (or postpone opening) when weather conditions exist making it highly improbable for travel. The primary factor of any decision made will be the safety of the staff and the library patrons. However, maximum effort will be made to maintain regular library operating hours.

2.      Staff should consult the Marshall County Sheriff Department concerning road conditions and use their best judgment to determine if conditions warrant closure of the library.

3.      If hazardous road conditions or hazardous sidewalks occur, the Director will call a Library Board Trustee to advise him/her of the situation. If a decision is made to close, radio station will be called to make the necessary announcement, and a note will be posted on the library door.  Safety of library patrons is important.  Staff should not leave the building until all patrons have safely vacated the area.

D.    Tornadoes

1.      When a tornado warning has been issued in the community, the Director will advise the library patrons of the situation and will ask them to proceed to the inner part of the building away from windows.

E.     Power Outages

1.      The library may close after a two hour power outage, for safety of the staff and library patrons

F.     Adopted February 3, 2006 by the Britton Library Board

XIII.       Web Page Policy

A.     The Britton Public Library selects links for its website based on the same criteria used for its other collection.  A link to a website does not imply endorsement of the contents of that site or of a particular point of view.  Britton Public Library reserves the right to add or remove links at any time for any reason.  Sites are not added upon requests.  Sites are selected to enrich, broaden and complement the print and audiovisual materials in the library.

B.    All links are valid at the time of posting.  However, content may change without warning. 

C.    Adopted by the Britton Library Board of Trustees February 3, 2005

XIV.     Revision of Library Policies

A.     The preceding statements of Britton Public Library's policies shall be subject to review and needed revision at least every five years by the Library Board. Individual policies will be reviewed or added as needed.

B.     Adopted: February 3, 2006